2021 The Act Of Forgetting, Egg Nebula, Datasets
2020 Meta More 4 Sis, 36 People On George St, Marmalade, IAm
2019 Tiny Pictures (ongoing), Vyki3000, Cheesteak
2018 Beach Balls,
2017 elämä (ongoing)
2016 ACK, Bedroom Settings
2015 The Artist (ongoing), Heroes
2014 Kodak USA, (In)Animate
2013 I don't wanna live in this place (ongoing), As Seen On TV
2012 Yellow Ted, Contained (ongoing), A Small Series Of Landscapes, My First 10000 Pictures Were My Worst (ongoing, unlikely to ever finish).

I don't wannna live in this place, 2013 - ongoing.
Marmalade, 2020.
(In)Animate, 2014 - 2017.
As Seen On TV, 2013-14.